You work really hard…

…at your job, right? You put in your hours…sometimes more than 40. You’re there early when it’s required. You stay late when you’re asked. You do everything you’re asked, and you perform as you should, and one day, you walk in, and your manager wants to talk. The following conversation ensues:

Manager: Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you were eligible for a promotion, and the Vice President of our division wanted to hire you, but I told him that I just didn’t think it was a good idea.
You: [speechless]
Manager: Well, I know it doesn’t seem like the best decision for you personally, but it’s the best thing for the department. You understand, don’t you?
You: [still speechless]

You walk out, completely and utterly flabbergasted. You really thought that your boss wanted what was best for you. You thought he would always want to better you – even at the cost of the department or organization. Boy, were you wrong.

That sounds nuts, doesn’t it? Absolutely crazy. But, it happens every day – in workplaces all over the world. What’s even more unbelievable?

It happens in churches. Every. Single. Week.

You get saved in a church. You volunteer to work in a ministry. You go early. You stay late. You go on non-service nights for meetings and rehearsals. Then, when God has a promotion for you, and you’re audacious enough to accept it, you are bombarded with questions about your new church from all the folks from your old church.

Is it Spirit-filled?
Do they believe like we do?
Don’t you want to come home? You got saved here.

Stop it, people. Please. I beg you.

When mature Christians leave churches, it’s most often not an easy decision. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things we face as meat-fed believers. Mature Christians don’t leave churches because they don’t like the music, or because someone hurt their feelings by talking about them in the foyer one Sunday.

They leave because God is calling them higher. He’s calling them to be used somewhere else. He’s providing opportunities for them to be fed in a way they can’t be where they are. He wants to promote them in the Kingdom…not in a church. He wants so desperately to better them for the purpose of bettering others.

So, stop. It’s not your business to know what God is telling them. It’s not your choice where they attend church. It’s not even your business IF they attend a church.

You will not stand before God for their decisions. You will stand before Him for yours.

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