If you were raised in a…

“charismatic” or “full-gospel” church, you may have been in a service where a word was given by the Holy Spirit in tongues and then interpreted for the edification of the body. I don’t think that’s one of the spiritual gifts God has bestowed upon me, mainly because I’ve never given nor have I interpreted a word. I do, however, believe that God has given me the gift of worship and being able to worship and sing in the prophetic.

I’ve been in services before, both in and out of the pulpit, where I’ve felt very strongly that a specific song was needed to minister to a specific need. Other times, the promptings were more gentle in nature, but they’ve been true nonetheless. But, never in the 17 years that I’ve been in pulpits and behind a microphone, have I ever felt that urging as strongly as I did yesterday morning in service.

Because God has shifted my husband and I in our ministry duties for this season of our lives, neither of us are in the pulpit on Sunday mornings. So, for a split second, I hesitated, fearing being out of order in the service, and the moment was gone. It had passed just that quickly. (If you’ve grown up with a Spirit-filled Mama or Grandma, you know that fear of being a distraction or disruption while the Spirit is moving and working. That’s a deep-seeded fear that never goes away. 🙂) I immediately repented and thought that I’d disobeyed the Father.

But, then… (isn’t that just like God?) I was on the way to Eli’s school to pick him up today, and the song that I felt yesterday so strongly began to roll around again in my spirit. I began singing it aloud, and the Holy Ghost began to minister to me in a way that He hasn’t in some time.

I know that the song would have probably been right on time yesterday, but I also know that God had that song on my mind today “for such a time a this”.

What was the song, you may be wondering?

[He is here, hallelujah/He is here, amen/He is here, holy, holy/I will bless His name again/He is here, listen closely/Hear Him calling out your name/He is here, you can touch Him/You will never be the same]

He is here, folks. Whether you feel Him or not. Whether He shows Himself or not. He is present. Always.



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