Wait on the Lord, and be of good courage…

Some things just absolutely blow my mind. Things like how if you really do wait on the Lord, he will renew your strength. Things like how God trusts US, mere sheep, with the keys to the kingdom of Heaven. Things like how I never really saw just how much I want to be like my mom in so many ways. Things like how I have no clue why in this whole wide world God would trust me to be a minister of His truth and His word and His gospel.

It’s overwhelming just how things are different than what you expect them to be. Waiting on the Lord is probably the one thing I suck at the most, but it’s the one thing that in the past few months has proven to be the most important thing. I’m the world’s worst at being patient. I absolutely hate waiting on anything. But, God’s shown me recently that waiting on Him to do the one thing you never wanted to wait for is far more rewarding than doing anything on your own. –That runs me into a small tangent, here. Let me just say that from experience, what the crap kind of egos do we as humans have to think that we know better than the Creator of the Universe?! I’m preaching to myself here, too, but come on people. Think about it. We are mere sheep. Sheep are stupid animals! We don’t know how to do anything but follow. But the one person we can’t seem to figure out how to follow is our Shepherd. Ok, let me quit and move on.

God trusts me. God trusts you. Wow. That’s enough right there to render me speechless. Yea, yea, I know. If you know me, you know that’s hard to do, but hear me people: God trusts us. The Maker of heaven and earth is ok with us doing His work. He knows what we’re capable of. He knows what we can’t bear. He knows how easily we take something super simple and screw it up. He knows our knack of becoming prideful and thinking that it’s all about us. Even though we’re dumb, even though we’re sheep that can’t even follow our Shepherd, He loves us. He loves me; He loves you. Abba Father has it bad for you. He wants a picture of you on His imaginary mantle. Man, that’s just awesome to me.

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